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Digital Wallet

Compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Have you ever forgotten your wallet in the car or at home?

Maybe you have found yourself with your arms full trying to dig out your debit/credit card and have everything fall to the floor?

LutheranFCU is here to make things convenient!

With your Digital Wallet, you can simply pull out your phone and pay!


Depending on your device, we have three options you can set up as well as instructions below:

Apple Pay

  1. For Apple devices, locate and open the Wallet app (this should be pre-downloaded)
  2. Click the + button located in the top right portion of the screen
  3. Enter your debit card information and you’re all set!

 Google Pay

  1. For Android users, download and open the Google Pay app
  2. Click the “Payment” tab at the the bottom of the screen
  3. Click the “+ Payment Method” button
  4. You are then able to take a picture of your debit card or enter the details manually
  5. After you agree to the terms, there will be a link to call the Credit Union
  6. Tell the representative, who will grant you access!

 Samsung Pay

  1. Android users can also download Samsung Pay via Google Play Store
  2. Create your Samsung account (or sign in)
  3. For fingerprint verification, tap “Use Fingerprint” then follow instructions (click “skip” to use the PIN method)
  4. Enter a backup password and tap “Continue”
  5. Once this setup is complete, enter your debit card information and you’re all set!