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The “Perfect” Christmas

12/20/2016- CEO Rev. Ken Krueger

The “perfect” Christmas.  As we draw ever closer to December 25, so many of us are busy running around doing all that we can to create the “perfect” Christmas.  The “perfect” Christmas includes the right gifts for family and friends, the right tree and decorations inside and out, the right food for parties and the Christmas celebration, the right clothes to wear for the fancy festivities.  We run ourselves ragged going from here to there hoping to create the “perfect” Christmas.

Guess what?  Nothing we do can make Christmas “perfect.”  Why?  Because it already is.  Christmas already is perfect.  Christmas is perfect not because of who we are or what we do, but because of who God is and what He has done.  Christmas is perfect because on this day in His perfect love God sent His perfect Son into our world.  Christmas is perfect because through this Son you and I, with all our imperfections, are made perfect. 

So, relax.  Don’t worry about all the dizzying details.  Don’t lose sight of what Christmas is really about.  Don’t run yourself ragged trying to create the perfect Christmas.  It already is.