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A Fun Topic

7/26/2016- John Elliott (Guest Blogger) 

Stewardship.  Oh, here is a fun topic.  If you are anything like me, you thought about money as soon as you saw the word stewardship.  How cunning of satan to twist our hearts into thinking about money as soon as that word comes around.  It is probably why we do not hear too many sermons on stewardship.  The objective of this simple blog post is to introduce you to another way of looking at stewardship because, for Christians, this is a very important topic. 

 Before we get to that other way of looking at it, what does the term stewardship mean and how would you define it?  Without trying to guess your formal definition, it is fairly certain that most of us have images of being frugal, or stretching dollars as far as they will go.  To some it may mean investing in things that will give a “sure and certain” return.  These thoughts are a “sure and certain” product of our Germanic Lutheran heritage.  However, what if we change that definition to the following:

“Stewardship is the active management of the resources at one’s disposal so that they flourish to support a specific end purpose or goal to the glory of God.” (Colossians 3:17, 23-24)

Taking this definition to heart, we cannot help but to manage all of our resources in a manner that helps to bring about an eternal difference today, not just in the future.  This includes, taking better care of our faith life, our bodies, our spouses, the raising of our children in the faith, our time, improving and using our talents, and lastly, yes, we will manage our money differently.

Both as recipients and tellers, are not we a people intimately involved with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  What is God’s end goal for the Gospel?  Should not God’s end goal be the motivation for our stewardship?  Jesus gave the Church a mission to go and make disciples.  If that is God’s end goal, as His servants, that is our end goal.  Without discounting the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion, what does it take to bring the Gospel to your neighborhood and to the ends of the earth?  It is simple.  It takes time, talent (you), and treasure to make it all happen. 

Do you have your mortgage or credit cards with secular lenders that care nothing about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Please prayerfully consider placing the money you use for the operating expenses in your life, which are funds entrusted to your care, into the Lutheran Federal Credit Union where part of the profits come back to ministry for the express purpose of giving to back to the Church to aid us all in bringing the Gospel to the lost.

Lastly, and regardless of your decision, never lose sight of the fact that God gave us Jesus, to become man, to teach, to suffer, to die on our behalf, and to rise again.  Jesus ascended into Heaven where He amazingly not only sits at the right hand of the Father but He is with us always, until the fulfillment of the promise of His “sure and certain” return to a resurrection of the dead, to pronounce final judgment, and to restore all of His creation.  In the meantime, we Stewards need to be about the business of reaching as many of the lost as possible with the Gospel and providing mercy to all, just as we have received mercy.


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